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Here is some important information to know regarding ordering Insulin and other temperature sensitive medications.

We ship Insulin express, air mail (the fastest delivery possible) with ice packs, insulation and a temperature sensor.

Since the Insulin is room temp stable for 30 days, the included temperature sensor shows if it has breached room temperature. We have been shipping to America for many years successfully and have never had an issue. One of the many reasons is because we encourage stocking up in the spring and fall so you can avoid ordering during extremes of summer and winter. You can stock up as much as you want when the temperature is right.

We can put up to 3 months supply or $500 worth of medication in one box maximum (whatever comes first). The reason we do this is because we have found customs often goes based on value to determine personal supply, and anything over $500 will go through customs slower. With temperature sensitive medication, everyday counts! Shipping costs $25 and includes one ice pack and pharmaceutical grade insulation (a silver reflective bubble wrap 1/4 inch thick).

The standard packaging is suitable for ambient temperatures of 40-75 degrees Fahrenheit approximately. If it is outside that spectrum, we have upgrades available for improved packaging. Important to note that some people do use the extra insulation all year (small amount of money for a lot of extra protection).

  • Styrofoam box = $10.00 (10 times thicker then the standard insulation)
  • Extra ice packs = $2.50 (since shipping goes based on weight, we can use as many as you want)
  • A common choice for a seasonal or all year peace of mind upgrade = $15.00 includes the styrofoam and 2 extra ice packs (3 ice packs total). Search "upgraded"

You can watch a video below or a longer version on YouTube. Helpful to see the materials we use when shipping. You can always call us and we can give recommendations specific to the time of year and your location.

Happy to assist you with getting insulin delivered. You can order two ways;
  • Phone order - you can fax, email or text the prescription, and then we can finalize everything together over the phone. This way we can provide all the additional education and guidance...especially on your first order, so you know all the recommendations moving forward.
  • Online order - sometimes timing is difficult, so to accommodate, you can order online and either upload your prescription or email it after. If you want the extra insulation please request anywhere they allow you to type notes.

Feel free to call direct anytime, we are here to answer your questions and to provide additional assistance

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Terms and conditions:

  • Marks Marine Pharmacy can ship medicine to any address that you request.
  • We can not be exact with the time of delivery because the time it takes to clear customs varies at the border of your country.
  • All orders are shipped via Post Office Services (USPS).
  • For temperature sensitive medicine, shipping cost is $25 for every $500 worth of medicine.
  • All items requiring refrigeration are shipped with a tracking number, inside thermal insulation using only express delivery. Refrigeration items may not arrive cold/ at room temperature.
  • A tracking number can be provided at your request so you can follow the shipping and the ship time/ process.
  • Marks Marine Pharmacy is not responsible if the medication requested, shipped via the method requested, is declined entry to its final country by Customs or if the package is not claimed during delivery attempts.
  • Packages may be sent requiring a signature, if a signature is unavailable upon time of delivery, the medicine will have to be picked up at the local post office. If the medicine is unclaimed and shipped back to sender it is at the customers expense with no refunds.
  • Marks Marine Pharmacy is not responsible for how the order is handled by Post Office Services once the medication leaves the pharmacy.
  • Clients are responsible for and encouraged to  follow to get important updates and changes regarding the ordering, dispensing and shipping of insulin.
  • Due to the nature of medicine, all sales are final.

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