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How To Order

How to order:
Ordering is easy! Simply choose one of 4 ways to place your order.

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NEW RX ORDERS: SIMPLE AS 1 - 2 - 3 or 4:

(1) Phone toll free 1-877-888-9265
(2) Scan and email prescription to
(3) fax prescription to 1-877-888-9805
(4) Text prescription to 1-424-999-9265

shopping cart
Use our secure shopping cart option! Search your medication through our search field on the top left of the page, and follow the steps to placing your order. Complete the form and submit your order to our Canadian drugstore.

Placing a refill? Feel free to call us toll free or use our fast and easy refill form here. Much quicker if you are simply refilling an existing medication.

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Want to print off an order form and fax it to us? use this form here and fax to 1-877-888-9805. Remember to include your prescription if ordering a prescription RX product.

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