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COVID-19 Updates and how this may affect your medication.


· Please be aware that supplies are limited worldwide. This includes prescription medications to Pharmacies.
· Orders are still going out, but taking longer to get to you (generally speaking)
· This page will be update regularly – please check back intermittently.

Canadian orders

· Canada is fully open, but can take up to a week to process depending on the medication.
· On average it is taking 7 dyas just to leave the Pharmacy(from the time the order is placed).
· Fast ship options take approx. 1 week ( air mail express requires a signature, expedited ground does not require a signature).
· Grom ordering time to arrival time the average is 2-3 weeks.
· You want to receive medication when you still have some left!
· There is literally no such thing as too early.
· For temperature sensitive medications - stock up in the spring to avoid ordering in the summer!

Overseas orders

We have Pharmacies all around the world; the current status on those Pharmacies and countries.UK, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, India, Singapore (anything non-Canadian is considered “Overseas”)

  • All countries are NOW OPEN (as of May 2nd).
  • Some backlogs due to closures (March 20-May 2)
  • Estimated arrival 4-6 weeks from the time order is placed.

We encourage our customers obtaining medication from overseas to either.

  • Ask Doctor for samples.
  • Purchase a small supply locally
  • Explore getting a 1 or 2 month supply from Canada (simultaneously order from 1month from Canada and 3 months from overseas)

Processing your order

We will only be charging your credit card if the product is secured for you and is available to ship to fulfill your order.

· If you have received a charge on your card, you should expect a tracking number shortly after.

· If there is NO charge, that means we are still waiting for the product to arrive.

· You can call or email us if the wait becomes unacceptable anytime and you desire to explore alternatives for your medication fulfillment.

Staff issues and safety first

We will only be charging your credit card if the product is secured for you and is available to ship to fulfill your order.

· Due to government recommendations, some of our staff is staying home and in self quarantine.
· Due to patient confidentiality, people can not work from home.
· We have half our staff willing to work because they see our service an essential service for our patients (which it is).
· We are devoted to continue to help as long as we can as much as we can.
· We are inundated with inquiries, while being half staffed, reply time is slower (by email and phone).

Best ways to submit your order

New Order - using the shopping cart and uploading a copy of the prescription and Photo ID. If sending by email or text, please specify anywhere on the order page.

Refills - fill out a form using can update credit card and address as necessary.

New Photo ID requirement- As of January 1st 2020, we do now require 1 piece of Photo ID for every patient (just once, and will keep on file).

Phone & email assistance –hold times are long unfortunately, but we also have a small team doing callouts and callbacks only.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime

· Phone 1-877-888-9265
· Email

Your health is our #1 priority, we are doing the best we can with the resources available to try to help our valued customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding and wishing you safety and health during this worldwide healthcare crisis.Marks Marine Pharmacy

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